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  • 3D Printed adapter
  • Rush surface to avoid reflections
  • Without vignetting at 7mm f2.8
  • Specific adapter for KASE K9 holder with 2 slots.
  • It is not possible to use the KASE K9 CPL with the adapter

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At 3DPi we try to solve our clients' problems, that's why we also dedicate ourselves to designing adapters that are not on the market and the manufacturer does not plan to manufacture.

The Zuiko 7-14Pro f2.8 lens for Olympus OM-D cameras is a very high-quality wide angle with a very large opening angle, this opening angle and the fixed lens hood means that "normal" filter holders cannotbe used. They use threads having to solve this problem with a specific adapter for each filter holder.

In order to work with 3 filters and polarizer we should go to 150mm filter holder solutions, this leads us to have to use a very large and heavy equipment in a micro 4/3 equipment, the 3DPi adapter allows us to work with 100mm filters but we must of sacrificing some things:

  • The round filter holder polarizer cannot be used. If you want polarizer we have to choose a square

  • Only 2 guides can be used to avoid vignetting, the guides of 3 filters can be mounted but it will be necessary to assume vignetting.


With the invaluable help of Diego Garín Martín (one of the Olympus visionaries in Spain) we have carried out the tests of the adapter, these being very encouraging.

Adaptador Zuiko 7-14Pro

7mm f2.8 (without filters)

Adaptador Zuiko 7-14Pro

7mm f7 (without filters)

Portafiltros Zuiko 7-14Pro

7mm f4.5 (with filters)


Mounting the adapter is quick and easy, simply place it on the lens and mount the filter holder on top, then to remove it you have to pull it and the adapter will come out without problems.

Make sure that the filter holder enters all the way and stops with the hood so that no vignetting appears in any corner.